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Bbs Preteen
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Bbs Preteen


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That means the three of you are sleeping in this bed. You just had sex with
me. I'm your brother. I know you -- you like young guys. But I need to
know -- am I going to be a problem if I want more from you?"
I was shocked. But when he put it that way, he was right. I was going to
have to do something about our arrangements and soon. But first things
first. "Pearce, as you said, you're my brother. I think Kyle will
understand the necessity of family helping family."
I pulled him close to me. He wiggled his ass against my crotch.
"I love you, bro," I whispered to him as he started to doze off.
"I love you, too."
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 20:01:06 -0400
From: D DeLion
Subject: Daddy Dick - Part 1
The following is a work of gay erotic fiction involving graphically
described sex among teenage males, sex with older males, and incest. If
these topics offend you, or if it is illegal for you to read or possess
such materials where you are, read no further. This story is pure
fantasy. The author does not condone either sex with minors, sex with
immediate family, or unprotected sex. Do not reproduce this without
permission. Comments are welcome -
Daddy Dick
By Dan deLion
Chapter Bbs Preteen One: The Shower
When I was a teenager, I got up very early one Saturday morning to go to
the bathroom. The door was open a crack and I could hear the water running.
My Mom was still in bed and my sister was sleeping over at a friend's so I
knew it was my Dad. I looked through the crack Bbs Preteen and saw him in the shower,
his back to me. I was about to pull the door shut when I saw his hairy ass
clench a few times and I realized he was masturbating in the shower, and
very into it. It was like a wave crashed into me - it was such a huge turn
on to see. He was a contractor and very muscular, also very hairy. I always
knew he was handsome and knew women liked him (and my parents had sex a
lot) but this seemed forbidden and sexy in a way I hadn't thought about him
He turned profile and I saw him actually Bbs Preteen jerking his cock, his legs bowed
slightly and his eyes closed. He was playing with a nipple with one hand
(also a revelation as I didn't know guys did that) and furiously jerking
with his other. He had a fat cock, plump and about 7" long. It curved up
put of his body. At that age, it was still way bigger than mine. I reached
down into my bathrobe and started to play with my own dick absentmindedly.
Suddenly he turned towards me and looked down at his cock and he shot is
load onto the glass shower stall door. I don't think he saw me watching but
it was so dangerous that I stepped back and quickly went back into my
room. I jumped into bed and despite my raging boner, I pretended to be
asleep in case he had seen me and came in.
I heard the water go off after a few minutes and heard him whistling as he
toweled off and dressed. Then I heard him go downstairs and outside. I
checked from my sister's window and saw he was washing the car. He looked
different to me � a sexual object or possibility as well as my dad. It
was a very potent combination. I went back to the bathroom and locked the
door, climbing into the shower and masturbating. I found myself rubbing my
cock against the place on the glass where he had shot (he had washed it
off). And to my surprise I found myself rubbing his briefs from the laundry
hamper (still warm) and his warm damp towel over my cock and face as
well. I shot off into his briefs with an intense orgasm and hid them in a
wadded ball at the bottom of the hamper.
He never mentioned me seeing/watching him but in my mind he was a bit more
physically affectionate to me after that (probably just my imagination). He
only thing he ever said Bbs Preteen to me was a few days later when we were watching TV
and there was some bad comedy movie where a kid got walked in on by a
parent when he was jerking off. With a lopsided grin, Dad turned to me and
asked me if I had shot into a pair of his briefs when I was jerking off. I
was stunned (we'd never discussed masturbation) and sheepishly said I used
some briefs from the hamper to clean up once. He laughed and said he got in
trouble for shooting into his briefs when Mom did the laundry because she
thought it was disgusting. He told me he didn't say anything to her but
knew Bbs Preteen
it must be me since he only shot into the sink, or in the shower. He
suggested I do the same, or use toilet paper and flush it so he didn't
catch grief. He laughed at that and we went back to the movie. I have no
idea how it ended, I was too busy picturing him standing naked in the
bathroom, stroking over the sink and looking at himself in the mirror.
Instant hard on for me! It was also a turn on to hear him encourage me and
advise me on jerking off.
That episode led to a lot of fantasies while I was jerking off as a
teen. Mainly the same scene only he knew I was watching and put on a show,
or invited me into the bathroom and closed the door, offering to show me
how he did it. Sometimes side my side in the bathroom mirror at the sink or
in the shower where he let me grab his dick to see what my grip was like. I
didn't see him naked again... until he paid a visit to my dorm room.
To Be Continued...
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 11:13:02 -0400
From: D DeLion
Subject: Daddy Dick - Part 2
The following is a work of gay erotic fiction involving graphically
described sex among teenage males, sex with older males, and incest. If
these topics offend you, or if it is illegal for you to read or possess
such materials where you are, read no further. This story is pure
fantasy. The author does not condone either sex with minors, sex with
immediate family, or unprotected sex. Do not reproduce this without
permission. Comments are welcome -
Daddy Dick
By Dan deLion
Chapter Two: Dorm Room Surprise
Dad came for a surprise visit when I was in first year of college. He was
at a conference nearby but the hotel fucked up his room reservation. Rather
than find someplace else where he'd be further away, I suggested he stay in
my dorm because we had a spare room for friends and family and that way he
could keep the money from the hotel screw up. When we went to go to the
room it was double booked by accident. I only had a little single bed in my
room but no roommates so we decided to make the best of it - and that way
we'd have more time together. Y Besides, it was pouring rain and he was
already soaked and cold. Like I said before - he's a big guy. He works as a
contractor and is very well built from the physical labor. That made the
two of us in my tiny dorm room bed pretty tight and though were both game,
we laughed our asses off at it. Bbs Preteen
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking
forward to being so close to him as we slept. I was also looking forward to
it because the showers in my dorm were communal for all the guys so I would
shower with him. Just thinking about seeing him naked and wet again gave me
a hard on.
I went to sign a paper showing him as my room guest for the night and was a
little disappointed to find he had changed out of his wet suit while I was
gone. He had laid it out on the bed on towels to dry and turned the heat
up. We went to grab a bite to eat and saw a movie � he didn't have to be
at the conference until 10 the next morning. We hadn't done a movie since I
was a kid and I loved it. It was more like being with a good old friend
than my Dad. He was relaxed too with just the two of us � swearing like
a sailor and making rude jokes. When we got back (after a few too many
beers at a pub on the way home), the place was a sauna because we forgot to
turn the heat back down and the wet suit had let all the humidity into the
room. In no time we were both sweating like pigs in there. We opened the
window and the door and turned on the fan, but we were drenched. He
suggested we shower and let the room cool off before going to bed. Bingo! I
thought I was going to have to wait until morning for the shower.
We changed into towels in my room � our backs to each other (yeah, I was
chicken shit but I was also trying hard not to get a boner in front of my
old man) and walked to the showers. Luckily the place was deserted � the
people staying in were in their rooms and Bbs Preteen
the people who went out were
still out drinking. I followed him to the bathroom area (admiring his broad
muscular back and big hairy calves from behind, as well as the big round
ass beneath the towel). We walked through to the shower and it was
thankfully empty too.
He dropped his towel and turned on some water. Seeing the furry mounds of
his ass again was a huge jolt to me � he was still so hot. Suddenly I
realized my cock was growing. I quickly turned my back to him and turned on
a shower head on the opposite side. I tried not to look as he soaped up and
talked casually about the movie. My cock got harder hearing his voice in
the tiled room and having all the memories (and 6 years of Bbs Preteen fantasies) come
flooding back to me. I was facing the door to the bathrooms and exit and
was worried someone else might walk in - how the fuck do you explain that?
Showering with your Dad and getting hard? Suddenly I heard a loud crack and
my ass was stinging. I whirled around without thinking to see the fucker
with an evil grin on his face - twirling a wet corner of his towel in
preparation for another strike.
Three things happened at once: 1) I saw my Dad standing in a shower room
dripping wet and buck naked in all his masculine sexy glory right in front
of me. 2) My Dad saw his son standing Bbs Preteen naked and wet and with a full hard on
pointing right at him. 3) I realized my Dad was looking at my hard on in

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